PRO version allows you to use the best calculation algorithm, set the width of the blade, view waste and use the titles of parts in the calculations.

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2 ver. 2019.12.18

Calculation can take up to one minute


What does this calculator do? allows you to create an optimal scheme for cutting linear isels (rebar, bar, cable, rope, etc.).
Our cutting calculator uses calculation algorithm with the best yield and minimum waste.

Example of a task for a linear cutting calculator:

For example, you need to cut 6 meter boards into: 23 pieces for 1.2m, 12 pieces for 2.3m, 6 pieces for 3m and 17 pieces for 0.8m. How to spend the least amount of initial boards and minimize waste?

Is there an offline version or mobile app with a calculator?

No. The web version of the calculator is adaptive for all types of devices and maximally optimized for fast download with slow Internet, which eliminates the need to create a mobile application or an offline version of the calculator.

How to place a calculator on your site?

Paste this code into your website:
<iframe width="100%" height="500" src=""></iframe>

Cut with a corner cut. Cutting with the ends at an angle (as in the frame of pictures):

If there are two types of segments with different angles (for example, 30 and 60 degrees), you must do two separate calculations for each type of segments. When the angle of all segments is the same (for example, 45 degrees), then this problem of cutting is solved, as usual, by one calculation.
For example, there is a task: cut into 4 types of pieces of length 2m: with a length of 79cm / 75cm ( outer / inner length), 59 / 55cm, 39 / 35cm and 29 / 25cm.
Solution: in the calculator we indicate the MIDDLE length of the segments: 77cm, 57cm, 37cm and 27cm and the length of the workpiece is 1.98m (the length of the blank for cutting 2m minus the difference between the maximum and average length of any segment, it is (59-57)=2 cm. In the resulting map, the cutting points should be marked as in the figure: Corner cutting

Is it planned to develop sheet cutting (2D cutting)?

Yes, in the near future.

How to quickly enter a list of parts, for example from Excel?

There is a special option for this in the cutting calculator. In the input field, copy the list of parts in the format "Length Quantity Length Quantity Length Quantity", instead of spaces, there can be absolutely any characters (hyphen, line feed, plus sign, letter, etc.), except for a period or comma. Then, click on the "import" button.
It is also possible to import a list for cutting with the names of parts, in which case the list should be in the format "Length Quantity Name Length Number Name". To the right of the input field, select the appropriate format. Cutting list import

What does the "Title" column mean?

The "title" of the part displayed on the nesting map. It may include any information: marking, section size, part number, etc. This is not a required parameter.


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This feature is available in the PRO version. Want to purchase a subscription to the PRO version?

This feature is available in the PRO version. Want to purchase a subscription to the PRO version?